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The Archer and The Wolf

Akela descended through the tree tops, her eagle form black as night. She knew it was unusual colouring for such a bird, but frankly she couldn’t be bothered switching around with colours. It was too hard to keep stable. As she hit the mossy cold ground the phased back the her human form, her most natural, her clothes including her signature leather jacket swirling back into form in green streaks of magic around her body. Possibly the most helpful spell she had ever bought was the one for her clothes, it hadn’t taken long to master herself, but there was only so much she could do with what she had.

The air was damp but comforting as she inhaled deeply, there was no sign of any other sign of life but she couldn’t help but prickle with suspicion. 
Perhaps it was better to continue her journey not human, she changed form, once again to a huge black wolf, her green eyes burning into the surrounding underbrush.